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Trenchless Pipe Repair
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Today is 8/28/2016 

The Future is... Trenchless Technology

With the growing concern over ground water contamination and our polluted waterways, shorelines and rivers, governments in North America and Europe are spending billions of dollars to repair a crumbling infrastructure.

Poor materials in the ground, root intrusion, corrosive chemicals, ground shifting are damaging our drain systems. The U.S. xxx Environmental Protection Agency estimates 70% to 80% of the increased pollution come from the inflow and infiltration of the home lateral.

Trenchless Technology is the "new" solution for city officials and property owners.

This problem has become a high priority for city officials and creates an exciting/meaningful growth period for our industry.

The Cured-In-Place Technology
Millions of linear feet of cured in place materials have been installed worldwide. They have withstood every corrosive environment plus the test of time. Billions of dollars have been saved because excavation was eliminated.

Cured in place materials mold to the host pipe. This seamless pipe prevents infiltration and exfiltration, restores structural integrity, eliminates joints that can weaken and allow root intrusion. Cured in place pipe actually increases flow capacity because the Drain Man pipe is much smoother than old clay and concrete pipe. Above ground there are no piles of excavated dirtraffic tie-upsubcontractors and a happy customer.


Trenchless Technology has the experience and technical knowledge to specify the right thickness and right resins to meet your specific needs regardless how deep the pipe or how corrosive the environment.
  • Trenchless Technology is truly "no dig" technology saving thousands of dollars in labor and restoration.
  • Seamless installation eliminates jointseases flow
  • Trenchless Technology lining conforms to non-standard pipe shape and size (1.5" (40mm) - 12" (300mm))
  • Molds to host pipe䯰s leaks and root intrusion and can span "void" pipe sections
  • Can install under slab concrete
  • Laterals accurately reinstated with CCTV cameraigging to upset homeowners and local businesses
Resin formulas are custom specified to meet your specialized requirements䲵ctural strength enhances structural strength of host pipe and acts as a stand-alone pipe meeting or exceeding test results using ASTM D790 as our benchmark.
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